A Wedding from Within

Some of you may have met Amy Cain during her time at YOA.  Recently, Amy married her now husband Osamu and Stefanie and I were so honored to be invited (seriously, the guest list was tight).   Anyhow, it was kind of amusing to attend a wedding as a guest, I kind of didn’t  know what to do with myself.   Amy was a stellar event producer during her tenure at YOA and did a tremendous job on her own nuptials, as to be expected.   Here are a couple of shots taken by the ever talented Gia Canali.  Amy’s bouquet was all Peonies (really, why bother getting married in May if you’re not going to have peonies??).  The florist, GD Designers, used a coral colored Peony, which could just be my favorite flower on the planet,  I want to live in it.   The lovely young couple was  married in front of a wall of succulents so the ceremony took place in a circle of succulents,  simply beautiful.

Osamu is moving to Northern California so he may complete his medical residency at Stanford (not such a dummy), and sadly for us he is taking the delightful Amy with him (also not a dummy).  Amy was a great asset to YOA, there was really very little that Amy couldn’t do.  She revamped our website, designed the new office addition, had a great eye and intuitively knew what I would like/dislike aesthetically, and of course produced some great weddings and events.  She will be missed.  BUT, thanks to the wonderful world of technology, Amy will be working on some projects remotely.

Best wishes to Amy and Osamu.

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