Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

Hi all –

First of all, apologies for the delay in posting, Stefanie and I have been super busy with new projects for this year and next.    A couple of weeks ago we left the big city behind and drove up about an hour north east of Santa Barbara to a client’s private ranch.   Somehow, we managed to avoid rattlesnakes, coyotes and mountain lions… and didn’t run over any cattle, which I consider a major accomplishment.   The bride, an uber groovy designer of what happens to be one of our favorite clothing brands, Joie, grew up coming to her father’s ranch.  While growing up, Katherine and her dad came out to the ranch on the weekends and built the barn together.  How’s that for some father/daughter bonding?  I don’t know about you, but I love a girl who knows her way around a tool belt. The bride and groom had a very specific vision of what they wanted and we happily obliged.  The guests were greeted with a basil vodka gimlet (yum!) and a nectarine basil lemonade,  because immediate refreshment on a hot day is really a must in our book.  At the ceremony the guests grabbed parasols, fans and a bit of insect repellant, to protect them from the elements.   The programs were designed and hand sewn by the talented Jennifer Parsons of  Tiny Pine Press.  The best thing we’ve seen in some time was the awesome bluegrass trio; a fiddler, mandolin player and guitarist. The statuesque bridesmaids stood on the wood deck (built by the father of the bride, of course!) in their divine bridesmaid creations, each individually designed by the bride.

Have I mentioned her own dress was out of this world insanely gorgeous?!   

Post ceremony, the trio, in Pied Piper fashion,  led the guests up a path strewn with galvanized aluminum tubs of wildflowers to a the top of a small hill for the cocktail reception and dinner tent.

Loved this reception.    The look was groovy rustic elegant,  how’s that for a juxtaposition?   The Floral Decorator was able to find beautiful peonies (the bride’s favorite flower),  not an easy task this late in the season.   The majestic peach and white peonies adorned the table semi-haphazardly  in sweet mason jars,  complimented by wildflowers in petite crates custom made from reclaimed barn wood.  A combination of stringer bulbs and crystal chandeliers covered with olive branches and silver dollar eucalyptus  leaves created just the right ambient lighting.

Lastly, an area was set up outside of the tent overlooking the expansive mountains and views, a sort of deconstructed flea market lounge, complete with Chesterfield sofas and hay bales covered in cream colored canvas. See what I mean about juxtapositions?  This was the perfect spot for stargazing and dancing after dinner.  Katherine and Colin couldn’t be greater, we love them and wish them a beautiful life together and many happy days at the ranch.

Promise to post again soon!    Yifat & Stef

PS – A special thanks to the talented Sasha Gulish who took these beautiful photos, we love the feel of them.    We didn’t know her before this wedding, but we are sure to be working with her again.