Getting to Know the Happy Couple

A few days ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Stephanie and Michael to begin crafting an idea of their upcoming wedding. Even though they’re halfway around the world (don’t you think a meeting at their home in Beijing is in order?), I got a sense of their understated style and international flair. Here are some highlights of our conversation last week:

Yifat Oren: When would you like to have your wedding? Do you have a particular date in mind?

Stephanie and Michael: Dates are not as important to us as the venue. We’d love a New Year’s Eve wedding, or anything from November through February.

 YO: What location do you have in mind?

SM: We’re debating between a destination wedding in Hawaii or California. Hawaii is our first choice, but we’re concerned about the expense for our guests on relatively short notice. Michael is from the .Bay Area and we love the idea of a big city San Francisco wedding too.  We both have family ties in the South so a blowout in the Big Easy sounds great as well.

YO: What are some of your favorite foods?

S: Michael is a stereotypical Bay Area guy: Hold the salt! Is this local? Is this sustainable? Did Alice Waters approve? Just kidding, he isn’t that bad.

M: Stephanie went to culinary school and loves discovering new flavor combinations. She grew up in Germany and is living in Beijing now so our palette preferences are quite adventurous.

S: Michael and I have talked about our wedding meal – we want it to be unexpected and delicious. We would like to show our guests a real Chinese meal in San Francisco or Polynesian-Asia meal if in Hawaii. I’d love the opportunity to introduce a different kind of wedding meal to our guests. So far living in China some of my favorite dishes are Peking Duck with all its accoutrements, seasoned prawns, pickled cucumbers, dumplings, cold noodles with sesame sauce, Szechuan pepper fish, crunchy green beans, stuffed Japanese eggplant, lotus root chips.

YO:  Yum, you are all my kind of eaters!

YO: What kind of music do you guys listen to?

SM: We love all different kinds of music. Isn’t that typical to say? But, it’s true. We have a time and a place for Classic Rock, Alternative, New Age, Spanish guitar, Hip Hop, Dance, Oldies… In the end, the music will be influenced by the venue and the tune of our wedding. More than anything, we want the whole experience to be memorable and everyone have a great time.

More details soon…  I love these guys!