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With the onset of fall, we are quick to reminisce over warm summer days –especially when thinking of one of our favorite events in Napa. Featured on Carats & Cake, this NorCal wedding combined the ethereal and the rustic to create a fabulous affair. See the featurette here.

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Always, YO, Stef & Co.

Photos by Shira Weinberger


Garden Glamour

“This wedding is best described by the bride as boho with a side of fancy, fancy which translates into equal parts killer style and vendor dream team. From design by Yifat Oren & Stefanie Cove, to richly hued florals by The Velvet Garden and Gia Canali behind the lens. In the full gallery you’ll find a moonlit ceremony so enchanting followed by a ballroom reception with glamour tucked into every nook.”

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Always, YO, Stef & Co.

Showering of Flowering.

Whether going with light, fresh and airy or a classical pavé arrangement, Spring is the season to explore your every floral whim. We love vibrant gem tones throughout our arrangements -mix and match to your heart’s content.  What are the current YOA favorites? From Oren herself, “Coral Peonies are freaking brilliant.” For our magnificent Art Director, Zaid, Queen Anne’s Lace is a top pick. One of our premier Event Lead’s, Carolyn, finds beauty in Fringed Tulips. And as for Managing Partner, Stefanie Cove -she just can’t get enough Anenomes and Ranunculas –talk about Spring Fever. See some of the faves featured below.

Always, YO, Stef & Co.


Photo Cred: Gia Canali; Event Producer: YOA Productions.; Flowers by The Velvet Garden


Flowers by Saipua


Photo Cred: Gia Canali; Event Producer: YOA Productions.; Flowers by The Velvet Garden


Flowers by Unknown

Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - close up photo of singl

Photo Cred: Gia Canali; Event Producer: YOA Productions.; Flowers by The Velvet Garden


Flowers by Yasmine Floral Design

Caftan Crazy.

Considering the current climate, we are dreaming of warmer weather and our upcoming destination weddings. We are ADORING these Caftans from Two New York for our travels ahead -soft, hand embroidered, easy for packing and internationally chic!

Caftan season will be here soon. Until then, try to stay warm.

Always, YO, Stef & Co.


a lot about a little island

One thing about my work that I love so much is that we get to travel to amazing places that I’ve never been to before.  At these places, we create unforgettable memories for our clients and their guests.  For me, that is even better than being on a vacation, is that weird??

Early last week, I returned from Harbour Island –  one of the outer islands in the Bahamas.  I was there to produce a favorite client’s wedding (they are from Dallas and just the lovliest).  It was a four day event and their guests had traveled from all over.  A misconception about Harbour Island is that it is difficult to get to.  Yes, there is not one direct flight to take (well, unless you live in Miami), but once you get to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, it is easy.  When you land in North Eleuthera, you are guided to hop into a cab for a 3 minute ride, and then on a 5 to 8 minute speed boat ride to the island.  This is hardly an inconvenience, as what you get in return are the most amazing turquoise waters and a petite colonial town off in the distance.  As you inch closer, you begin to see the vibrant pastel homes on the island.  I think this brought out the inner “south Florida” girl in me.

Anyhow, upon arrival to the island, you almost find yourself in sensory overload.  Locals on the dock are heading out on their boats, packs of the native breed of dogs (potcakes – a little bit of this and that) are running down the dock and in the water.  Not to mention golf carts, the preferred method of transportation on the island (loved these guys at Johnson’s).  There is a special energy the minute you step on that dock, I’m not quite sure how to explain it.  Perhaps it is the friendly locals who seem genuinely happy to see you, or maybe it is the lack of rules and authority, utter freedom.  I smiled from ear to ear each and every time I saw a another guest arrive for their very first time.

 The hotels on Harbour Island are small – 10 to 25 rooms each.  So our guests stayed at three of the hotels: The Landing  (designed by India Hicks  and run by a wonderful group of people), Coral Sands (located on Pink Sand Beach where the sand is, yes, pink, from the pulverized coral) and Pink Sands (where the wedding reception was held – beautiful cottages with unreal ocean views). Now, if your idea of the perfect getaway is a butler waiting on your every need at a Four Seasons or Mandalay Oriental – this is not going to be your cup of tea.  The hotels do not have spas (there is a spa on the Island, Island Spa, and masseuses will also come to your hotel), and some of the hotels do not have televisions or room service.  But what they do have that truly captured my heart, is an unbelievable amount of soul and character. 

Our events started off with a welcome reception on Thursday evening at the newly renovated Dunmore Beach Club.  We played with their color palette of coral and turquoise (very much works with the island) and enjoyed yummy fresh Margaritas and their specialty drink, the Dunmore Breeze (similar to a Mojito, but better), by the pool.  The next morning our client was treated to a sweet bridal breakfast at the Oceanview Club , another hotel on the beach whose owner also owns the trendiest store in town, Miss Mae’s.  The ladies went around the vintage wooden table reliving fond memories.

For us, Friday was all about set up for the evening’s beach barbeque on Pink Sand Beach. This was a bit of a gamble, as the winds on the island are unpredictable (no weather forecast is accurate),  but working together with Ben Simmons of Little Island Design, our production was set up flawlessly – including the wind screens to protect the guests. Guests  were greeted with passed beverages including a Pink Goombay Smash (a twist on the famous local drink), Sky Juice (made with fresh coconut milk), Kiwi Cooler, Passion Fruit Coolers & of course Kalik and Sands (Bahamian Beer).  A local Bahamian freshly made a variety of conch salads (right out of the shells and right in front of the guests).  Guests then sat down at long wooden tables and enjoyed a hearty meal catered by Little Island Design, including Grilled Mahi Mahi and Bahamian Burgers. Local and yummy!  Guests stayed warm by the bonfire & danced to island music  while servers passed warm apple crisps and mini-buckets of sorbet.  . The evening wrapped up at local water holes, including, Valentine’s,  Gusty’s and the bar at the Rock House.

So, the thing about the wedding day is it made me really emotional.  I don’t get emotional all that often, especially while working.  Just like any destination event on any island – coordinating the details is no easy task.  This proved to be a bit harder than most.  If the wind blew the wrong way, the island’s internet or phone service would go out.  We used all vendors from the island for everything, (well except our genius photographer Jonas Peterson) and it wasn’t exactly easy getting in touch with them from Los Angeles.  In fact, sometimes we would be told that certain vendors were unreachable, unless I went and found them on the street during business hours…. Huh??   I’m not going to pretend this didn’t cause any frustration back at the ranch (aka the YOA office). 

Well, what I am trying to say is, the ceremony was unbelievably perfect.  The musicians, the Reverend (Reverend Russell of St. John’s Anglican Church) – everyone – put their heart and soul into this day.  Our soloist, organist, the youth choir and guitarist… I was amazed.  They learned the songs I asked them to learn…perfectly.  There was so much emotion in that little church, I had to hold back tears. The pinnacle was the Junkanoo Band (a street parade with music, which occurs in many towns across the Bahamas every Boxing Day and can be hired for other events) that greeted us right after the ceremony.  The costumes, the dancers and the colors were breathtaking as they led the guests to the reception at Pink Sands Resort. There was so much emotion  from the locals and our guests – locals came out of their homes to watch – and I still felt those tears creeping up as I hopped from golf cart to golf cart trying to make my way to the cocktail reception first.

The guests were elated as they were greeted at Pink Sands for more Junkanoo along with an island calypso duo during the cocktail reception.  The dinner was a custom menu of butter poached lobster, rib eye or local grouper.  After dinner, the guests were led into the reception area where local DJ, Daddy D, played into the night.  Guests feasted (again) on a chocolate station (the groom’s favorite) and passed mini-peppermint ice cream sandwiches (pink of course!).  At the night’s end, everyone slept soundly and peacefully with the help of the ear plugs provided at their first night’s turn down…to block out the famous Harbour Island roosters who begin their calls at 2am.  Yikes.

The perfect weekend wrapped up with a brunch at The Landing (best breakfast in town).

When it was time for me to take off in that boat back to North Eleuthera, I found myself fighting the tears once again. As I bid farewell to Ben from LID (joined by his lovely Irish girlfriend Charlotte), I knew I would be back.  Ben and Charlotte gave me a little gift to remember the island by … a Harbour Island Potcake mug – the perfect gift for me. I look forward to whatever takes me back to HI, whether it is an event or perhaps even a little R&R.  Sooner rather than later.

xx, Stefanie

p.s. we don’t have the photos back from the wedding yet, but will post a few as soon as we do.  Stay tuned.


Turns out I am a bit awful at keeping up with this blog but I am really, really trying. The days start out so busy and by the end of the day my creative juices have usually already flowed in so many directions that there are none left for this little blog. But I am certain I am getting better at this, you’ll see.

I figure after this long absence, this post needs to catch everyone up to speed. So, here’s the reader’s digest version of the last couple of months. At the end of August, Stef and I went to Hawaii to look at some locations for our most delightful client. We had only met our client once before this trip but by the end of it, we were fast friends. In fact, I’m pretty sure we will all be lifelong friends. Very quickly after arriving at our first destination in Lanai, we all realized this was not the right location. Within hours we completely changed our itinerary and all our vendor appointments, flew off the island and arrived at the Four Seasons Hualalai in Kona, on the big Island of Hawaii. Now, many of our clients through the years have come back with rave reviews about this particular hotel, and it’s very obvious why, IT’S PERFECT in every way. After a whirlwind few days of measuring, interviewing vendors, designing, discussing, food tasting, and Mai Tai sipping, we made it back to LA. Unfortunately, the stars were not aligned with our client’s choice of dates and we had to regroup and reconsider the location. Fortunately, I now know every nook and cranny on the islands and every fantastic vendor imaginable so if anyone is interested in a dreamy Hawaiian wedding, I’m in. Even more fortunately, the new location for this wedding weekend, is Harbour Island, Bahamas. Not too shabby! I have to say, there are certain aspects of this career that don’t suck at all. Anyhow, I was not available to go on this site visit, but Stefanie met the clients there and left no stone unturned.

Here’s the Save the Date …. pink letterpress as an homage to the unbelievably gorgeous pink sand beaches of Harbour Island. Check out the grass cloth envelope liner, very colonial. The whole thing just makes me smile.

September was our month to do good and give back. We did the annual Platinum Associates lunch for Aviva Children and Family Services, a charity very near to my heart. One of our very favorite clients in the whole world is the Co-President of the group and we have done it for four years now, this year along with the fantastic production team of Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills. The luncheon took place at The London hotel in West Hollywood and the fashion show was by                J Mendel. Gilles Mendel was there as well to show his collection. The spring line was spectacular and I got to sit next to one of my favorite ladies in the world, the inspiring Barbara Lazaroff. Love her.

October was busy with planning for a site inspection in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I am super excited about this wedding, I have known this bride for years and I was thrilled to hear of her engagement. The wedding and other events will mostly take place at the One & Only Palmilla, which is insanely gorgeous, and I cannot wait to share some of the details with you.

Invitation Inspiration

The Invitation

Promise to write upon our return from Mexico. No really, I will. Or as my four year old son would say “for real”.

Adios for now, Y