Garden Glamour

“This wedding is best described by the bride as boho with a side of fancy, fancy which translates into equal parts killer style and vendor dream team. From design by Yifat Oren & Stefanie Cove, to richly hued florals by The Velvet Garden and Gia Canali behind the lens. In the full gallery you’ll find a moonlit ceremony so enchanting followed by a ballroom reception with glamour tucked into every nook.”

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Always, YO, Stef & Co.

Helping Women

Being a female owned and operated company, we are well aware of how lucky we are, as women, and as citizens in our community.  Last weekend Yifat was honored by Aviva Family & Children Services with their annual impact award. Aviva provides residential, therapeutic and educational programs to emotionally distressed, abused, and neglected young women. In other words, young ladies who’s only chance at a viable future is Aviva.The event was held at the Crystal ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hotel.


 Yifat with board member Susan Casden to my left, Aviva President/CEO Regina Bette, Aviva Board member Robin Broidy.


Yifat having a moment with one of our very favorite clients/friends Michele Andelson. 


Thank you to the team at Velvet Garden for beautiful centerpieces.   We cannot get enough of those insane dahlias.   All the succulents are being reused and planted in the garden of the Aviva home.  Good for the environment, and good for Aviva


A great cocktail hour idea… pair hors d’oeuvres with a little cocktail.  Burgers and beer anyone?

Thank you to our friends, family, and dear clients for your incredible generosity and overall support for an organization we are most passionate about.